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Kari Benton, LCSW, RPT



Kari Benton, LCSW, RPT 

+ Registered Play Therapist 

+ Certified Nurtured Heart Approach

+ Certified in Child and Adolescent Anxiety


My name is Kari Benton.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I have provided therapy services to children, teens and families for over ten years in various settings.  I have training in many modalities and use Play Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy to work with clients. 

I believe that helping your child or teen to understand more about their mental health and finding their greatness and strength now will allow them to find greater joy in life. Children and teens face many stressors with their family and peer relationships and can quickly become overwhelmed leading to many changes in behavior.

Things to look for or that you may have witnessed recently: changes in sleep, changes in appetite, moodiness, withdrawing from relationships, changes in personal hygiene, loss of interest in activities, excessive use of technology to escape, anger outbursts, experimenting with drugs or alcohol, statements of hopelessness and despair.


I can help you and your family acquire some tools during this challenging time.  I know that many are experiencing stressors, such as financial loss, and grief and loss related to loss of day to day activities and loss of connection with others.  I have seen amazing results when children and families have outside support to guide them, and I know I can help, so please reach out.  There is hope.  

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